Can't connect to Heroku with Turboku

Turboku can’t seem to detect my Heroku applications. So I can’t select anything in the “CHOOSE A HEROKU APP” section.
Can you please help me resolve this?

What stack are you running with your apps? If you’d like, you may be able to sidestep this issue by running fly launch while inside your app.

I saw this issue as well. I worked around it by editing the HTML myself in the browser. I added my application name in both the value attribute as well as the text between the <option> tags. Funny enough, it worked!

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This happens for me as well, adding an option via the HTML did not help

Hey! For the apps that aren’t appearing, what buildpacks are they using on Heroku?

Node.js server, one of the apps is GitHub - rluvaton/techpicks-telegram-bot

(needed to add a payment method and after that trick with the HTML worked)

We only support a few of the Heroku stacks. Editing the <select> is a nice hack that will work sometimes. If no apps are appearing, they probably aren’t one of the stacks we support.

If your app isn’t appearing, deploying directly is the safest option. It’s a little more work, but a lot more reliable: Speedrun! Deploying to Fly! · Fly Docs

I have two apps, a NextJS app and a Laravel app. Both are mentioned as supported on your docs but neither are appearing on Turborku for some reason.
At least the <select> hack works for me.

Note that Heroku’s stacks are different than the app runtime. If you run heroku stack you can see what your app on Heroku is using: Stacks | Heroku Dev Center