Can't access postgres locally

I’m using flyctl proxy 5432 -a my_database to access postgres locally using DBeaver (database application), which works fine. However, I can’t access my database from node using the pg node package. It always tells me the connection is refused, even though the same credentials work fine in a database program. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? It’s going to be very difficult to develop if I have to deploy changes to test.

In case anyone else runs into this, I finally figured out that instead of using ‘localhost’ for the server I had to use ‘’ and it magically started working. That was very frustrating to track down.

Strange. On my app’s VMs, localhost does point to

➜  fly ssh console -s -a myapp        
Connecting to [fdaa:0:dead:beef:dead:beef:dead:2]... complete
# grep "localhost" /etc/hosts	localhost localhost.localdomain
::1		localhost localhost.localdomain	localhost localhost4
::1	localhost localhost6

# nslookup localhost
Server:		fdaa::3
Address:	[fdaa::3]:53

Name:	localhost
Address: ::1

Name:	localhost

It could be the base container you’re using? My app’s on Alpine.