Cannot use import statement outside a module

root@080eed5f661048:/myapp# cd prisma
root@080eed5f661048:/myapp/prisma# node seed.ts
import {PrismaClient} from '@prisma/client'

SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module
    at Object.compileFunction (node:vm:360:18)
    at wrapSafe (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1124:15)
    at Module._compile (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1160:27)
    at Object.Module._extensions..js (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1250:10)
    at Module.load (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1074:32)
    at Function.Module._load (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:909:12)
    at Function.executeUserEntryPoint [as runMain] (node:internal/modules/run_main:81:12)
    at node:internal/main/run_main_module:22:47

I am using bluestacks from remix, and seeing the files, has the same tsconfig, same package json, and for some reason it manages to compile it correctly.


The error you’re encountering occurs when you’re trying to use ES modules syntax (import/export) in a CommonJS environment.

To fix this issue, you can try the following steps:

  1. Make sure your tsconfig.json file has the following settings:
  "compilerOptions": {
    "module": "CommonJS",
    "esModuleInterop": true,
    "allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true,
  1. If you’re using Node.js 12 or later, you can add the following line to your package.json file:
  "type": "module",

This will enable ES modules syntax in your project.

  1. If you still encounter the issue, you can try changing your import statement to use the require syntax instead:
const { PrismaClient } = require('@prisma/client');

Make sure to apply these changes and re-run your script


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