Cannot launch a Phoenix project. It fails with this message.

This is interesting. I am trying to fly launch a Phoenix project from a macbook,and the launch process stops with this message about needing to upgrade to Phoenix 1.6. My project is already on 1.7.2. It’s weird that I didn’t get the same message on a WIndows machine (although it had its own issue). Anyone know how to go past this point in the launch process?

Platform: machines
✓ Configuration is valid

We recommend upgrading to Phoenix 1.6.3 which includes a release configuration for Docker-based deployment.

If you do upgrade, you can run ‘fly launch’ again to get the required deployment setup.

If you don’t want to upgrade, you’ll need to add a few files and configuration options manually.
We’ve placed a Dockerfile compatible with other Phoenix 1.6 apps in this directory. See
Deploying on — Phoenix v1.7.2 for details, including instructions for setting up
a Postgresql database.