Can the minimum number of instances be set to zero?


I am new here, so just going through the docs and could not quite figure this out.

My more general question is, how does fly decide when to shut down an instance. Does it happen as soon as the instance does not have any connections. Is there some configurable timeout, to avoid instances from shutting down and causing cold starts (in case the minimum can go to zero)?


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Hey there, welcome!

Fly only shuts down instances when users command it via flyctl apps suspend -a yourapp. You can resume it later with flyctl apps resume -a yourapp

We do not automatically shut down the last instance when there’s no traffic. If you’re using our default scaling settings, we will scale up an down your number of instances across the work depending on where requests are coming from. It is possible to disable scaling and use a fixed amount of instances by setting the minimum and maxmum to the same number.