Can’t launch application, Health check on port 8080

after updating V1 to V2 my app stopped working :frowning:

help please??

2023-04-27T07:51:18.344 app[5683949b767468] fra [info] Sending signal SIGINT to main child process w/ PID 522

2023-04-27T07:51:18.872 health[5683949b767468] fra [warn] Health check on port 8080 is in a ‘warning’ state. Your app may not be responding properly. Services exposed on ports [80, 443] may have intermittent failures until the health check passes.

fly migrate-to-v2 is not copying secret keys :smiley:

my problem is solved…

Hi @zecgkonja, are you still having an issue? We don’t have to copy any secrets as part of the migration and the two log lines you posted don’t give much to go on.

Hey @JP_Phillips
I didn’t know that i need to copy secrets by myself after running migration script command.

Now everything is working correctly :slight_smile: