BYOIP (Bring your own IP space)

Hey! Is it possible to bring your own IP space (BYOIP) with Fly?

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Hi! This is actually not supported due to our use of Anycast for global distribution, we’d like to support it at some point in the future, but it’s a bit complicated.
You can read more about our public network services here and here for more information on Anycast.
Hope this answers your question! :blush:

Hi zee, thanks for getting back to me! I’ve found the following community post that said it would be possible (although very expensive). Is this outdated, or is there a way for this if we have our own /24 block?

So, no, it’s not outdated, but as Kurt said there, it would be a very expensive feature and isn’t something we’re able to automate at this time so would be complicated. What is the issue you’re facing or reason you’re looking to implement this?

I see, thanks for the clarification! We have a very niche use-case for it, but if the costs remain the same it isn’t a option for unfortunately. Maybe in the future when it’s automated :slight_smile: Thanks!