Blueprints - Custom autoscaling + Run and access private apps + Staging and prod isolation

Blueprints are a collection of best practices, ideas, and examples for doing things on

Our latest additions:

  • Autoscale Machines - Combine the Fly Proxy autostart/autostop feature you know and love with our autoscaler app to get the best of both. You’ll only keep Machines that you need and they’ll start and stop fast when your app has traffic.

  • Run private applications with Flycast - Use Flycast for private apps to make them accessible to other apps on your private network. This example uses Flycast to make an Ollama instance private and accessible to only you and your apps.

  • Staging and production isolation - Use organizations to separate and control access to your in-development and production apps.

Let us know what you think or tell us about patterns you find useful on!