Azure → = Timeout

I have a server in Azure, and as I make requests to, out of 3 attempts, 1 returns timeout.

This started yesterday, has anything changed here?

Similar issue here, timing out on GH actions

On my side it’s working again

the problem is recurring, test using “curl”, 3 calls fail 1.

I’ve seen @Yaeger’s issue four times in the last few hours (including in Unable to push to Fly registry - #14 by thewilkybarkid).

@xxdannilinxx are you using Azure App Service?

I have a server on Azure, when this server makes curl calls to my application, it is returning timeout, only for

Hi, just to provide an update – we have temporarily reverted a recent change that might have caused compatibility problems with Azure’s NAT implementation. You should not see frequent timeouts anymore from Azure / GitHub Actions. If this happens again, please let us know.

Service successfully restored, thank you for the quick solution!

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