automatic promotion pending

I’m trying to deploy my app and the promotion is pending for 2+ hours:

Deployment Status
  ID          = 606e3b6f-2988-6e2c-7801-15e54ee72893
  Version     = v38
  Status      = running
  Description = Deployment is running pending automatic promotion
  Instances   = 2 desired, 0 placed, 0 healthy, 0 unhealthy
vscode ➜ /workspaces/sumiu (main) $ fly releases
VERSION	STABLE	TYPE    	STATUS     	DESCRIPTION                  	USER                         	DATE
v38    	true  	release 	in_progress	Deploy image        	              2h3m ago

I also can’t see any other vm trying to boot up

I have set strategy = "bluegreen" and I also used --max-per-region flag, not sure if this is related or not, saw in other topics people mentioning it

does anyone know if something is wrong on Fly’s side or it’s just a problem with my configuration?

update: changed the deploy strategy to rolling solved the problem :smiley:


I guess Fly still hasn’t implemented enforcing rolling deploys whenever --max-per-region is in use: Stuck in deploying - #6 by kurt / Need help estimating costs for Volumes - #2 by kurt

Edit: Force rolling deploys when max-per-region set · Issue #1552 · superfly/flyctl · GitHub

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