Assign additional url to a fly app


First of all thanks for creating this awesome platform which made deploying an app super easy.

Secondly I want to ask if fly has the ability to assign additional url to a fly app. For example, I have a fly app deployed with url, but now I want to add another url pointing to the same app. Can anyone help? Thanks.


I think that is not possible (as it would then reserve that name from another app).

But IIRC there was some plans (or thoughts) that Fly would allow wildcards there, meaning * would be redirected to that instance. But unfortunately I cannot find anything from this forum which would confirm that, so might be just my dreams :slight_smile:

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Why would I need this? I have a game app which holds state in memory and WebSocket connections. When I deploy a new version, any existing strategy won’t work when there are still games running in old version. Somehow I have to implement my own blue-green deployment which would need a dedicated url per version.

Fly does have a bluegreen deployment strategy. Check:

… but no, it doesn’t have a dedicated URL per version.

As @savikko says, you currently can’t have two names and so two URLs because the app name is used in the URL. So if you need two separate domains/sub-domains pointed at one app without a wildcard, you would need something else and use that to decide the routing. Whether that is another Fly app, or something like a Cloudflare Worker as they can do lightweight redirects etc: Bit icky, but they are really cheap. Not sure about websockets with them though …

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