Are there default wireguard tunnels?

I am completely new to wireguard, I set up a tunnel with my dev machine and was able to directly ping the instances with their internal ip, however when I wanted to remove the tunnel I had created, In noticed that fly wireguard list returns many entries which I don’t think I created manually, some are in regions I have no actively running app in. Is this excepted?

Thank you

I also ran fly wireguard reset but I’m not exactly sure of what it does since there still are many entries.

Did the names of those tunnels start with interactive-? We create tunnels automatically for a bunch of things flyctl does.

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reset forces flyctl to create a new interactive- tunnel rather than using a cached one.

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Yes, they all start with interactive, as well as the email I used to register, and some even seem to contain my dev machine name.
How can I know which tunnel was created manually so that I can remove it? Is it safe to remove all listed tunnels?

The good news is, you can remove any of these tunnels. If you remove a tunnel that flyctl thought it could use, it’ll notice and just go create another tunnel.

As a general rule of thumb, if the tunnel does not include interactive-, you should be a little careful removing it, because presumably you created it explicitly for some purpose. If it has interactive- in it, it’s an automatic tunnel, zap them all if you like.

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I see, thank you!