Are there a simple way to litefs import an existing litefs database?

I already have a litefs served with consul leasing and all of that. I want to have access to that database from another VPS. Ideally, that VPS should have a real-time access to it, but it can compromise delays.

Prior to that, we used to have a litestream that replicates it from one server to another via cronjob – so this is where I’m coming from.

I have checked the community docs and it seems the approach is to use static leasing and then wireguard from this server to that. But I thought I’d ask first just in case i’m holding it wrong

If you’re trying to attach a LiteFS from another VPS then static leasing & wireguard are probably the easiest options. Otherwise you’d need to get the instance in the other VPS to talk to Consul and that could be tricky.

Hey Ben and thanks for the prompt feedback! Yeah that what I got from the other thread and indeed it will work. My thinking process was this:

  • litefs would be a generic tool to male sqlite a server accessible
  • and that I’d love to have the consul benefits of replication

Sorry for the auto promotion. Looks like you can use Query for your use case.

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