App won't shutdown properly

I run a discord bot, recently I had scaled down the app to do some maintenance and redeploy but I noticed that the bot was still online, now, there is no way that bot could be online other than some problem going on with, the bot still responds to commands and processes them, so that tells me that it’s somehow still running on a machine even though it shouldn’t be online at all.

any suggestions as to how can I fix this, because if I redeploy, it seems like there are 2 instances of the bot running and that leads to duplicate responses.

Hi @aynad

Is your app a appv1 (nomad) app? There’s currently an issue with nomad based apps Status - Delayed state updates: expect more retries for new deployments

Nope! somehow there is a machine out there not linked to my app but still running my bot…

If you run fly status --all and don’t see recent VMs (either running, or in a failed state), please post your app name here and we can have a look. There are very rare circumstances that will create a zombie process, but we don’t see any signs of that for any of your apps.

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