App visual difference between Google Cloud and

Hello! I’ve been enjoying Fly for quick app testing; however, I’m having an issue. I do my initial testing on the Google Cloud Platform, which renders my current project as such.

When attempting to push this version to my site (, it renders the HTML incorrectly.

Testing the code locally also renders the HTML correctly, so I’m unsure where to start (aside from relaunching a new fly app).

Are you running a local development server that’s bundling your assets? If you’re experiencing issues like this it’s likely you’re not building for production.

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Sorry for the extremely late reply! I have only been pushing to fly via Google Cloud, but I’ll take your word and do some more research on my end. Thanks for the help!

Fixed the issue. Ended up being a rendering issue with jinja2 and rich. Removed rich and hardcoded styling and table placement.

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