App visible at .internal but not globally


I’m trying to deploy a wallet, used through a REST API, that I want to be visible to the other apps in my organization, but only them. I haven’t been able to figure out how to achieve this.

No services section: The application has no mappings to the external internet - typically apps like databases that talk over 6PN private networking to other apps.

Although wallet.internal still responds to pings, it doesn’t have any ports up.

Additionally, while I was trying to figure this out, I realized that I had accidentally removed allowed_public_ports = [], which is currently included in the default but doesn’t appear to be documented anywhere.

It’s probably not listening on ipv6, this is usually the cause of this.

Depending on your runtime, you’ll need to bind/listen to something like :: to make it listen on IPv6. If it’s binding to or localhost it won’t be available over IPv6.

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