Anyone know why my GH actions build keeps failing (yarn)

Relevant files here.

It works well on my machine, but on GH Actions i keep getting this::

Yeah I’m getting deployment failure error as well but only messages I get are
2023-03-07T04:45:05.8753360Z Waiting for a runner to pick up this job…
2023-03-07T04:45:06.0001074Z Job is waiting for a hosted runner to come online.
2023-03-07T04:45:09.3534746Z Job is about to start running on the hosted runner: Hosted Agent (hosted)

That means GitHub hasn’t started running your action. Unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do about that since it likely means there is some issue with GitHub actions.

As for the original issue, does the dockerfile build on your machine @preciouso?

The commands run fine on my machine, and that’s the only way I can deploy for now. They also run fine in another repo that builds a different project(Python), using the same GH action file.

Idk why it fails on this repo, I was assuming it was a yarn issue or something. I saw a thread earlier that says using a different builder worked, but idk how to make a new one

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