Any news on being able to pause an app?

It’s a bit tedious to have to delete it and recreate it every time :slight_smile:

flyctl suspend should do it already!


Ah thanks I missed that!

I was just looking for this today! Thanks @kurt

We’re working on IP addresses and I have a questions for those of you who have apps to pause.

Are you cool with your IP changing between pause and resume? The <name> hostname will be updated automatically, so we’re guessing it will be fine, but if you’re hand creating A records pointed at paused apps it’ll cause problems.

Yeah, changing the IP is fine with me!

@kurt I’d be a bit wary of that. Some of our clients point @ records to our IP. However, we’re also never going to pause our app, so as long as it’s hard to do accidentally, I’d be okay with that

Oh yeah, for apps you keep on at all times the IP is yours.

Even if we remove them from suspended apps, it will probably be on a delay. We just need to be able to reclaim them for future customers when apps aren’t in use.

Wait… so there’s no need to pay for a static IP anymore?


We haven’t bothered to build shared IP support, and don’t really want to. So we just give active apps an IPv4 at no cost, and then charge $2/mo for additional IPv4. Much simpler. We don’t really want to make money on IPs anyway.