An unknown error occurred on fly deploy via GitHub action

I’ve gotten two deploys recently that failed like so:

v99 is being deployed
380efbcc757: dfw running unhealthy [health checks: 1 total]
381v99 running - Deployment is running pending automatic promotion
382Failed Instances
383***Error fetching alloc efbcc757-eaff-947e-704d-edfc639cf691 An unknown error occured.
384Error 1 error occurred:
385 * An unknown error occured.

Is there any information I can give you that can help investigate what could be going on? (also “occurred” is misspelled in the error message :sweat_smile:)

This specific one was a transient issue where our secrets storage had a failover event. This caused 3 deployments to fail, 2 of which were yours!

We’re investigating making this more resilient.

Lucky me! :sweat_smile: