Allow scale / region list / vm size / etc in fly.toml

Chatting in another topic got me thinking.

Any plans to allow configuring the scale, vm size, region lists, autoscale, etc all from the fly.toml file?

This would simplify deployments but also allow for the app configuration to be saved / viewable somewhere other than the cli.

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This is an internal religious battle AND much more complicated than you might think.

In general, we want you to be able to keep that kind of information in source control and version it. It might look more like a Pulumi app than a config file though.

I kinda figured as it seems pretty trivial.

I do like the concept that the CLI scales things when needed (possible automations here).

I can also see how this can become an issue of 2 sources of truth ie. I config to scale min=2, then use the cli to scale min=1, next deploy will probably set it back to min=2.

This would be super. +1