Allow port 8080?

Migrating my app I’d like ti use port 8080 externally. I’m aware that I can map any 10000 port, however that would require updating clients. Since port 8080 seems to be quite popular for exposing services it would be great if 8080 could be allowed by default as is already the case for 8443.

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This shouldn’t be hard; we add ports semiregularly when people ask, and I’m surprised we don’t already allow 8080/tcp. I’m looking into this now; I just want to figure out if there’s a reason we don’t already do this.

(We’re going to get rid of the allowed-ports list altogether sometime this year, but you shouldn’t have to wait for that for 8080/tcp).

Did you have any chance to look into 8080? Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry to be bothering you- port 8080 ist the final piece hindering me from migrating from

Let me try and push this forward!

@andig want to give it a try? I believe port 8080 should work now.


Verified working, thank you so much!

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