After an incident Postgres app is constantly logging INFO cmd/keeper.go messages


I’m running a Phoenix app (with it’s Postgres app) since a year or two… Only did some update from time to time. All in all, I didn’t face much issues…

Today, however I received an Exception: DBConnection.ConnectionError incident for my Phoenix app.

When I looked at the Postgres App logs (monitoring section of the dashboard), it is constantly spitting the following messages:

2023-10-23T22:42:42.541 app[3d8d3e6b039d] lax [info] keeper | 2023-10-23T22:42:42.540Z INFO cmd/keeper.go:1504 our db requested role is master

2023-10-23T22:42:42.542 app[3d8d3e6b039d] lax [info] keeper | 2023-10-23T22:42:42.541Z INFO cmd/keeper.go:1542 already master

2023-10-23T22:42:42.567 app[3d8d3e6b039d] lax [info] keeper | 2023-10-23T22:42:42.566Z INFO cmd/keeper.go:1675 postgres parameters not changed

2023-10-23T22:42:42.567 app[3d8d3e6b039d] lax [info] keeper | 2023-10-23T22:42:42.567Z INFO cmd/keeper.go:1702 postgres hba entries not changed

I’m not even sure if these are error or not (as it’s [info], right?).

However I did try restarting the postgres app using fly postgres restart -a my-app but after the init process (where I can see actual [error] messages, those same [info] messages continue to be logged every 5s.

I also tried restarting the machine themselves (not the vm) using fly machine restart <id> (as I believe that all our apps migrated to V2 back then (I believe as I might be a little bit out of the loop about the V2 thing…) happened a few months ago).

When I looked at the app log, it seems it’s running fine now…
But I’m concerned about these logs.

Does anyone know what those are? If this will not cause some storage issue (not sure if they are stored in files or not or if there are some rotation).

How can I further investigate what happened (FWIW, no recent update was performed).


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