Accessing a Heroku Deployed App?

We recently moved a heroku app over with the launcher and it was perfect. But I had expected since the flyctl lists the app I would be app to fetch the app back down with the .toml to then deploy changes etc… But I can’t see anyway to handle this?

Essentially creating a single versioned dead app?


Thanks for trying out the forums! You’re coming from here, right?

The way we’d recommend trying first is to use scp to try to download some contents from the Fly VM

Specifically check out this answer from this thread: SCP a file into a persistent volume - #2 by jerome

That outlines connecting to the private network via wireguard (I know that’s sort of an annoying first step, but it’s worth having!)

Then running fly ssh issue to get ssh access, and then you should be able to use scp

Check out the rest of that thread for some debugging tips if you hit issues. You should then be able to download the contents of the VM running there.

I sure am! Ok perfect, I’ll give it a whirl!

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