Absolutely Nothing About Fly Postgres Seems To Be Working

I forked and cloned the Github Repository postgres-ha and followed all the steps in the documentation exactly, however, everything I do returns errors.

First of all: After deployment I am getting these errors:

Also I am unable to forward my ports locally using flyctl proxy 5432 -a flyapp1111 because I get:

Error Host was not found in DNS

I am also unable to connect via psql using flyctl postgres connect -a flyapp1111 because I get psql: error: could not translate host name “flyctl” to address: Unknown host
Press any key to continue . . .

Is Fly.io normally this terrible or is it just today?

Furthermore, the documentation on setting up a fly.io postgres database is full of errors which I have spent hours trying to work around and needs to be re-written.

I get that you are frustrated but this sort of passive-aggressive language won’t do much for you.

I did notice Fly is unstable lately, I assume that it is just bad timing: infrastructure problems, end of the year (less people on-call) and so on.

I’d say you should just try it again or if you haven’t, search in the forums for people with similar problems. FWIW, I’m also noticing some DNS problems, namely, Cloudflare keeps failing, saying it couldn’t complete the SSL handshake so yeah, there is something up with DNS I guess but given the time of the year, I don’t expect a light-fast resposne

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