A fly app with `min_machines_running=1` is scaled to zero

If min_machines_running=1 the app should not scale to zero. Instead i have the app with name minecord-rust-server continuously scaled to zero

When I first deployed the app I forgot to add the primary_region field in fly.toml, maybe that’s the issue? But even after adding it the app is scaled to zero


Do you also have auto_stop_machines set?

It seems it needs that too (as well as the primary region):

To keep one or more Machines running all the time in your primary region, set min_machines_running to 1 or higher. min_machines_running has no effect unless you set auto_stop_machines = true.

min_machines_running does not apply to Machines running in non-primary regions. For example, if min_machines_running = 1 and there’s no traffic to your app, then Fly Proxy will stop Machines until eventually there is only one Machine running in your primary region.

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Other than declaring the primary region, you must also have machines in said primary region. I see you did create a machine in your primary region today (fly scale count 1 --region MY_PRIMARY_REGION), so I would expect this to work well for you now. Note that other non-primary regions will still scale to zero machines if there’s no request load for them.


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