502 bad gateway or 500 trying to create volume

I’m working on my terraform provider and I ran into an issue creating volumes. Having tested with flyctl and the api playground I think it might be a more systemic issue. Attempting to create a volume in any way results in a timeout, 502 or 500 error. Is this an issue with my account or environment or is this more systemic?

I’ll pile on here. The web dashboard, remote builders, and deploy api are now failing for me as well.

@kurt If your alerting systems aren’t already paging you, hopefully this will!

Oops @kurt yeah. Ditto with @ryansch. Rest of the api is now failing and or returning inconsistent results for me as well.

#hugops fly team. Happy friday at least!


Seems to be coming back to life now.

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I backfilled a StatusPage: Fly.io Status - API unresponsive

Unfortunately the StatusPage UI doesn’t let me do much when backfilling an incident that happened in the past, so it’s lacking some details.