500 server error

i have a problem with my .net with mailkit and postgres app on https://wmservice.fly.dev/

When i try to register, verify email or similiar i get 500 server error. On second try or refresh page it work like a charm.
App on my localhost also work properly.

Anyone can help with that?

here are first few rows from logs:

2023-04-21T07:32:00.016 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] Request starting HTTP/1.1 POST Magazyn application/json 131
2023-04-21T07:32:00.019 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] info: Microsoft.AspNetCore.Cors.Infrastructure.CorsService[5]
2023-04-21T07:32:00.019 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] CORS policy execution failed.
2023-04-21T07:32:00.019 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] info: Microsoft.AspNetCore.Cors.Infrastructure.CorsService[6]
2023-04-21T07:32:00.019 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] Request origin https://wmservice.fly.dev does not have permission to access the resource.
2023-04-21T07:32:00.019 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] info: Microsoft.AspNetCore.Routing.EndpointMiddleware[0]
2023-04-21T07:32:00.019 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] Executing endpoint ‘API.Controllers.AccountController.Register (API)’
2023-04-21T07:32:00.019 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] info: Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.ControllerActionInvoker[102]
2023-04-21T07:32:00.019 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] Route matched with {action = “Register”, controller = “Account”}. Executing controller action with signature System.Threading.Tasks.Task1[Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.ActionResult1[API.DTOs.UserDto]] Register(API.DTOs.RegisterDto) on controller API.Controllers.AccountController (API).
2023-04-21T07:32:00.020 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] fail: Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Database.Command[20102]
2023-04-21T07:32:00.020 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] Failed executing DbCommand (1ms) [Parameters=[@__ToUpper_0=‘?’], CommandType=‘Text’, CommandTimeout=‘30’]
2023-04-21T07:32:00.020 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] SELECT EXISTS (
2023-04-21T07:32:00.020 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] SELECT 1
2023-04-21T07:32:00.020 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] FROM “AspNetUsers” AS a
2023-04-21T07:32:00.020 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] WHERE a.“NormalizedEmail” = @__ToUpper_0)
2023-04-21T07:32:00.030 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] fail: Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Query[10100]
2023-04-21T07:32:00.030 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] An exception occurred while iterating over the results of a query for context type ‘Data.DataContext’.
2023-04-21T07:32:00.030 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] System.InvalidOperationException: An exception has been raised that is likely due to a transient failure.
2023-04-21T07:32:00.030 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] —> Npgsql.NpgsqlException (0x80004005): Exception while reading from stream
2023-04-21T07:32:00.030 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] —> System.IO.EndOfStreamException: Attempted to read past the end of the stream.
2023-04-21T07:32:00.030 app[6e82e22a29e687] waw [info] at Npgsql.Internal.NpgsqlReadBuffer.g__EnsureLong|42_0(NpgsqlReadBuffer buffer, Int32 count, Boolean async, Boolean readingNotifications)

Hi @huc

Our proxy does not return error 500 so I’m thinking this might be an issue with your application code.

I’m not used to .net but looking at your logs 2 things catch my attention:

The “has been raised that is likely due to a transient failure” bit tells me this could be the reason your second try worked. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to help you more with that particular issue.

Thank you for your reply. My cors policy was still set up on localhost, and EF Core needs additional configuration to db connection:

opt.UseNpgsql(connString, builder => {
builder.EnableRetryOnFailure(5, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10), null);

Thanks again.


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