Workings of * domains

Hi, I’m new to and came here looking for an easy solution to our feature-branch deployment strategy. I really like the idea of just pushing a Docker image and having it hosted via a simple cli interface.

I’ve been able to set up everything but I can’t seem to ever connect to a running instance.

  Name     = feature-fly-justified
  Owner    = personal
  Version  = 2
  Status   = running
  Hostname =


IP Adresses
v4 9h20m ago

When going to I get an SSL error.
I’m sure I’m missing something. Do these * domains just work out of the box?

It appears your app does not have any services. What does your fly.toml look like?

If your app does not expose any service, then we don’t route anything to it and will close connections abruptly.

You’ll need to add at least 1 service, check out the documentation on the subject: App Configuration (fly.toml) · Fly

That was it. In our ci pipeline, the fly.toml file got lost in between steps. Making sure it was present fixed it. Thanks!

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