Which datacenters are OVH's ones?

Fly.io use 4 hosting providers including OVH Cloud and I would like to know for which regions they choose them.

Also, I haven’t tried Fly.io yet, but I would like to know if it’s possible to only host in specific regions.


Hey Fly user here;

Yes it is possible to only host in one region, you get to decide what regions you want to deploy when you do “fly launch” command - I believe

And you can also select more regions in the future too

Yes, with fly region set ...

App instances, when no region is defined, are created in the region closest to wherever flyctl launch commands are run from.

There’s also the PRIMARY_REGION directive in app config that determines, well, the primary region, but it only works for Fly-automated databases (Postgres).

For Machine apps, set region with the fly m run . --dockerfile </path/to/dockerfile> --region <aws> ... command, instead (ref).

You can assign regional IPs to your Fly app which ensures that traffic ingress-es into the Fly network in a particular region (instead of the nearest Fly edge to the client of your app): Multi-region application where users / sessions are pinned to one region? - #5 by ignoramous

You can also pin traffic to a particular region (in case of multi region apps), see: Fly-Instance-Id header alternative for websockets - #2 by ignoramous

Re: OVH: I don’t think Fly exposes that kind of granularity. I don’t think they ever will.