Which app is which of my Rails apps?

Newbie here and I ended up with five apps on Fly.io. Three of them I know which Rails apps they are, but the other two I don’t. Is there a way to figure that out? Like a command in the Rails app to see what Fly resources are linked to the app? Or can you see the app (files) from Fly.

Or is there an easy way to delete the unknown apps and start over again with a Rails app? I now am getting how to puts apps on Fly. I have the Fly Rails tutorial as one and my most recent app up (thought newer would be simpler). But am now trying to get an older one up that I probably created an app at Fly for.

Update. I now see that the fly.toml file lists the appname on Fly. The app I’m working on doesn’t have a fly.toml file so I hadn’t gotten that far.

Yes, you can simply run

fly ssh console --app <app-name>

and you’ll find your Rails app in the app folder

cd app
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Yup! To add to this, the --app flag is generally useful for keeping your apps and directories straight in a few different ways! fly status --all --app is a big one, it can show you all instances that an app has used over the past 7 days.

And fly config display/save --app name and fly image show --app can be great reminders, too. Comes in super handy if you’re working across different machines and haven’t put the app in version control or some other syncing tool yet :sweat_smile:

Thank you both for your replies. Much to learn.