"We missed some invoice items on [deleted org]'s March 2024 invoice"

I received an email about a mistake in the billing. However the quoted org has been deleted (for months).
Do I need to do anything to fix this?

@brams I’ll ask informally, internally, but please send an email to billing@fly.io!

Obviously we shouldn’t send such emails to deleted orgs at all. But out of curiosity, did the email state that there would have been a non-zero amount to pay on that deleted org?

Hi @brams, sorry for this disconcerting surprise.

No, not at all. The org is deleted, and as part of that deletion process, we delete all payment method information we had in Stripe. That means even if we tried to create invoice items in Stripe (which, to be totally clear, we absolutely do not do), we wouldn’t be able to charge you.

It looks like we have a bug that is keeping an org’s LFSC clusters around after it has been deleted. Consequently, we’re erroneously still generating usage for these resources. Again, to be clear, we haven’t been billing you for this “phantom” usage at any point.

When we wrote a query to determine what charges we’d failed to bill for in March, we didn’t explicitly exclude charges for deleted orgs, assuming that no such charges would exist by default. So the email you got is a result of the charges stemming from this phantom usage.

Hopefully that explains why you got this worrying email, and apologies again.

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