Volumes stuck in iad

App repodata got evicted from iad, unable to delete smaller stuck volume, and deploys hang if I set fly scale count 2 (requiring app to start in iad plus different region). Was able to start a replacement in a different region.

Is there an easy way to rsync off a volume? Do I need an app with openssh-server etc. per the old “run vscode remote on fly” example, or do I just need to install rsync or scp in the app and ssh to it over wireguard?

ID                      STATE   NAME    SIZE    REGION  ZONE    ATTACHED VM     CREATED AT   
vol_gez1nvx2xxzrmxl7    created data    10GB    iad     7adf                    1 day ago   
vol_70zy6r77dpgrdjng    created data    2GB     iad     5881                    1 day ago