Volume info does not include state value via flyctl

When i run fly volumes show <id> --json, the output does not include the current volume state.
Here’s an example output:

    "id": "vol_xme149k902ovowpl",
    "App": {
        "Name": "superduper",
        "PlatformVersion": ""
    "Name": "foo",
    "SizeGb": 1,
    "Snapshots": {
        "Nodes": null
    "State": "",
    "Region": "ord",
    "Encrypted": true,
    "CreatedAt": "2023-05-27T00:14:08Z",
    "AttachedAllocation": null,
    "AttachedMachine": null,
    "Host": {
        "ID": "b360"

However, in UI the state is displayed as created. Is this an expected behavior?

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