Upload Indication on flyctl

I’d like to suggest, Please add a Upload indication when flyctl tries to upload.
In the screenshot below it shows flyctl is waiting for something but there is no indication on what!
Even when i check log, it would only say if flyctl is trying to connect or not. (many wiregurd in there too)

Why this is important?
1- On many occasion i lost internet or i was connected to diffrent internet i would assume it’s waiting on server and wouldn’t try to solve the issue.
2- Size of upload is greatly appreciated if possible, since if we forget we are on metered connection.
Example of how flyctl was uploading with no indication (I had really bad connection so it took 30 min to upload)

Example of log on that time

Believe it or not, this is not waiting on an upload.

Heroku buildpacks do a bunch of processing to build intermediate images. This takes minutes. Worse, it happens in libraries we don’t control, so we can’t really change the output.

If you can package your app with a Dockerfile you’ll have a much better experience.


oh, so I’ll try that, Thanks for clarification.
It’s interesting for me that it would only proceed this step when i was able to upload.