UDP support on maa and gru regions

when can we expect UDP to be enabled on maa and gru regions? any reasons why udp is not available on these regions?

Very soon, and yes!

MAA and GRU are newer regions and are running a newer kernel. Until yesterday, that kernel broke our UDP routing BPF code (the newer kernels sprouted a new option flag for controlling checksumming on UDP packets whose size had been changed by BPF code, which is something we do when routing, to add and remove proxy headers).

As luck would have it, we resolved that problem yesterday, and my docket for today includes lighting UDP back up on MAA (and, assuming that works fine, everywhere else).

It’s a busy week, so I don’t want to promise “today”, but I feel like I can safely promise “days not weeks”.


thanks a lot for the detailed explanation thomas. much appreciated!

You should be able to deploy a UDP app on any region right now. We’ve deployed the BPF fix fleetwide, removed the API-level constraint on deploying to kernel-5.11 hosts, and tested some deploys.

You will probably have to flyctl deploy explicitly to deploy to the previously-barred regions, to shake off the constraint the API applied for the past couple months(!).

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worked. thanks a lot.

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