Supabase Managed Postgres in private beta

Unsure if I go here or through Supabase directly… but I can’t seem to connect to my DB via its public URL (I double checked credentials). Based on earlier responses I assumed the URL was publicly accessible.

Our focus is Postgres. The other tooling is simply in the service of making Postgres easier to use. For context on the tagline, we use "Firebase alternative simply for positioning: it means that developers think of us when they are starting a new project (and we offer a few features like Realtime for realtime database updates, similar to Firebase’s Firestore).

Self-serve HA/replicas is coming for everyone as part of our new connection pooler. That said, our Fly Postgres offering is still in Beta because there are other things that we need to work through first: platform stability, SLAs, pentests, and other fun things. We’ll move out of Beta as soon as we can, but we need to be confident that we’re offering a reliable/secure service so that everyone has a good time


You should contact Supabase support! To do that, run fly ext supabase dashboard to sign in, then visit the help form at

In case it’s useful to others, though, I’ll comment here.

This could be happening if you are trying to connect from home and your ISP doesn’t support IPv6. See the Supabase announcement about IPv6, and, test your IPv6 support here. If indeed this is the problem, you can connect using the DATABASE_POOLER_URL which supports IPv4.

@joshua-fly can you share a ballpark release timeline for public beta and release?

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Is there a timeline/are there plans to also bring the other Supabase features to the offering? Just noticed that literally only Postgres ist working in the beta, but auth, storage, realtime are all disabled.

We’re focused on the Postgres offering for now @badsgahhl, so that we can get out of beta as soon as possible. Now that Fly offers an object store (through Tigris) it certainly makes it easier to port the rest of the features.

We will also start using Tigris for walg backups, so the entire system is contained on Fly infra


Will there be an official migration path from a “vanilla” Fly postgres cluster to Supabase? I’ve looked through the forum but couldn’t find any hint. Thanks!

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What about the bandwidth? Does it still apply even though both are in the same region - 250GB free then 0.09$?

We will not charge for in-region bandwidth, eventually. We’d switch this on now, but we’re in the middle of a big billing project that will include this change soon. If you’ve got a big in-region bandwidth bill, do contact support!

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