Site Limitations?

I was wondering if there are any limitations for the amount of apps you can create?

I’m looking to deploy around 1000-2000 sites. These sites are all for small business owners and typically don’t generate much traffic on a day to day basis.

If there are no limitations, how is the bandwidth, storage, and can this kind of project can be supported using Fly?

Can you provide more information on the technical specifications?
Are they static websites, dynamic (which programming language), and so on.

The only limitation that I’m not sure is documented is how many domains can you attach to a Virtual Machine. You can start by reading this document: Custom Domains and SSL Certificates · Fly Docs

These are static sites, they display the business’ hours, services, photos, and such.

If you’re just serving static files, then something like AWS S3 website hosting will be much simpler and cheaper:

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