hostnames api


We’ve been using fly hostnames api which returns subdomain for whitelabel purposes. It’s been working for the past couple of years and today those subdomains won’t resolve and I cannot even find hostnames in my dashboard. Was it removed as a service?

It is a very old service we offered. Since then we’ve made 2 “pivots” entirely.

I brought it back (it’s not monitored anymore), but we are going to phase that out completely soon.

Can you switch to our latest platform?

Hi Jerome,

Tanks for getting back to me - and also thanks for bringing it back online :slight_smile: . How does the new platform work? We need something simple for whitelabel purposes only (hostname handling).

These are the instructions for the new platform: Custom Domains and SSL Certificates · Fly Docs

The service was a free project we launched in 2017. We’re all surprised it works at all. I expect we’ll disable it for good in the next several weeks, so it would be good to get your hostnames moved.

It certainly worked and it was awesome :slightly_smiling_face:
Regarding the link you sent I don’t really understand how is it all set up on Do I create an app? What do I host there?