Running the trial app


long-time Heroku user here, totally new to I’m trying to run the hello-fly tutorial app using the steps in the README:

git clone

cd hello-fly

fly launch --now

That last command is where it goes awry:

$ fly launch --now
Creating app in /Users/vahagnhay/Desktop/websites/live/hello-fly
Scanning source code
Detected a Dockerfile app
? Choose an app name (leave blank to generate one): 
automatically selected personal organization: fullstackplus
panic: nested instrument span!

goroutine 30 [running]:*ApiInstrumenter).Begin(0x3f55828?) +0xc5*Client).RunWithContext(_, {_, _}, _) +0x84*Client).GetOrganizationBySlug(0xc000d7a9c0?, {0x2945708, 0xc000d91aa0}, {0xc00105c170, 0x8}) +0x18f{0x2945708, 0xc000d91aa0}, 0x137924a?, {0xc00105c170, 0x8}) +0x85
created by +0x7b2

What am I doing wrong?

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Hi @fullstackplus

This might be a bug in an earlier version of flyctl. Update flyctl:

fly version update

Then try launching again.

EDIT: Let us know if updating flyctl doesn’t solve this issue. :slight_smile:


Hi @andie :slight_smile:

That was spot on, thank you! Here’s the trial app:

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