Running integration tests

Hi friends! I have a Fly app I’d like to integration test. What that means in practice is (a) having access to a database for testing, and (b) being able to run arbitrary user code (here, yarn run test). What’s the best way of doing this? I tried to, e.g., ssh into my app and run some commands, but nothing is installed; presumably they must be installed somewhere, or the app itself couldn’t run. Is there an easy way to get access to this (Docker?) container?

Building an app by using buildpacks (no Dockerfile) puts files in a very specific spot. I can’t exactly remember, but it’s not necessarily in an intuitive location.

The easiest way to run arbitrary commands is via fly ssh console -C [your command and arguments].

It sounds like whatever you do run, you’ll have to cd into the correct directory first. If you SSH in interactively, you might be able to search around. If you can’t find, we can help you out! I don’t have any buildpack-based apps launched right second to try this on though.