Reuse a deleted organization's name


I created an organization with a name like MyExampleName while messing around and learning fly. I then deleted the MyExampleName organization. When trying to recreate an organization with the same name it’s recreated with a name like MyExampleName-123 (without informing the user of the rename). I’d like it to be recreated with the name MyExampleName (no number appended).

Hey there!
Organizations must be unique, so unfortunately you won’t be able to reuse that slug when creating a new org

The original name MyExampleName was deleted and is currently unused. When recreating an organization with the same name, MyExampleName, it would still be unique.

I’m sure this is some sort of soft-delete decision on fly’s backend. Perhaps this would better be done as a feature request which I’m happy to submit if there’s someway to do it. At a minimum I feel like the delete organization confirmation should inform the user the name cannot be reused once deleted as I wouldn’t have deleted the organization if I understood a new one with that name couldn’t be recreated.