Requests for articles: full stack Elixir guides and technical deep dives

We’re working on a library of full stack Elixir content. We’re after a combination of repository-first guides + articles (like this and this and this). We’re also after deep dive technical articles about what’s underneath full stack Elixir apps (we’d love to see: “Phoenix Presence: a CRDT for mortals”).

If you want to write about Elixir development and have ideas for guides or technical deep dives, post them here so we can discuss them with you! Then we’ll pay you to write them.



I am working/bored with React JS for several years now. Checked out Phoenix today and it feels like a breath of fresh air. I am trying to build a simple task management app (Something similar to google keep). I would love to know if this is something I can write about?

I write for LogRocket, ButterCMS, Fritz & SemaphoreCI

Hi @zsajjad93! We’re mostly looking for articles/guides about specific techniques that developers can use in their own projects.

For example, “building a distributed turn based gaming system” is interesting because the technique demonstrated in a very small app can be reused in other apps. You could even apply it to your task management app!

So if you can think of something you’re working on that would be a useful pattern for other peoples’ apps, then distill that into a focused idea, we’re interested. People are pretty interested in collaboration, so if you’re thinking of collaboration features in your task management app, that could be a useful thing to extract and write about.

If it helps, the future of full stack is (we think) distributed Postgres, app servers, and something like Elixir clustering (or nats for not Elixir) for live cluster communication.

Also apologies for taking so long to respond! Your comment somehow slipped by me.