Request for guide: Authoritative nameservers with CoreDNS

We soft launched UDP services, which means it’s now possible to run DNS services on Fly.

We’d like to publish a guide to setting up authoritative nameservers with Fly. This is special because it’s really hard to do anycast DNS from scratch, it’s easy on Fly. We think there are a lot of special DNS services waiting to be built by small teams and solo devs.

If you feel up to writing a guide, reply here with some links to previous work (if don’t have previous work, see footnote). We’re going to pay $800 for this guide.


  1. The Fly guide structure:
  2. How to serve a zonefile with coreDNS:
  3. A pretty good guide about running your own nameservers without Fly:

1 If you haven’t created this kind of content before and are interested, we’ll work with you to find a topic and pay you to finish it. Just create a thread in the Writers’ Room.

:wave: I have some prior work written here, though it’s been awhile Most more recent work has been done as company-internal writing.

I was curious about getting something basic going so there’s a start for this here. The write-up is a pretty rough draft but I’m all ears for gaping holes you think should be touched on.

It’s a private repo at the moment but if anyone needs access just drop me a note. I’ve given Kurt and Michael access at this point.

This seems like a good start at a Go based DNS demo. I think getting it to “How to do Authoritative DNS” is a matter of implementing what you need to handle queries for a given domain, adding ips to a Fly app, and then updating the registrar with nameserver IPs (like, etc).

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:+1: makes sense - more or less along what I was thinking was blatantly missing this point. I’ll drop a note when I get some more in.