Remote builder regions


According to documentation one can set the primary region where a remote builder runs a fly.toml ‘release_command’, as specified here:

In my case, I believe that’s not happening, instead running in Madrid when I want it to run in Amsterdam. PRIMARY_REGION is set to ‘ams’ on the [env] block in the fly.toml file.

When I run a terminal command for more info on the remote builder, it states it’s in Madrid, but I can’t change it’s region because it’s attached to a volume in Madrid.

All my apps are in Amsterdam, and I need to run release_commands there (have IPs whitelisted, and understand this is not ideal). Is there a way to set a remote builder to run in a specified region?

Thank you.

The release_command actually runs one single instance of your app, not the remote builder. This will run in the same region your app runs in.

The remote builder is actually a Docker daemon we run for you. It’s better if that runs close to where you are. If you’re in spain, the builder app running in madrid will get you the best app build performance.

Does that make sense?

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Thank you, @kurt.
It makes sense and, departing from your answer, I went to further debug and the error I was now seeing probably was due to IP addresses whitelisting.

I was using a range for ‘ams’ you indicated here:

That was from Sep/2021 and it seems there is a new one to be added, namely:

After adding this one to be whitelisted, the release_command became operacional.
Thank you!