React app error

I’m getting the fololowing error repeadedly from my React app:

 [info] TypeError: client.terminate is not a function. (In 'client.terminate()', 'client.terminate' is undefined)
 [info] at /app/node_modules/webpack-dev-server/lib/servers/WebsocketServer.js:70:13
 [info] at forEach (:1:21)
 [info] at /app/node_modules/webpack-dev-server/lib/servers/WebsocketServer.js:64:7
 [info] 65 | /**
 [info] 66 | * @param {ClientConnection} client
 [info] 67 | */
 [info] 68 | (client) => {
 [info] 69 | if (client.isAlive === false) {
 [info] 70 | client.terminate();
 [info] ^

No Idea what brought this on. I’ve been running this app for several weeks now with no issues. I changed some css and deployed and now this. Seems to be really slowing down the server too. Second machine keeps spinning up with only one user. Any help would be greatly appriciated.


I haven’t seen that error before but given the message, it looks to be within webpack-dev-server :thinking:.

One possible explanation for something spontaneously not working is the version has been updated, perhaps on a deploy. Since the image will only be built on a deploy (you mention you changed another file) and it’s possible that got updated. I see there haven’t been any recent release but I’d check the package.json file and see what release number your app is set to use (and whether it is pinned or set to use the latest). See if there have been any matching changes:

Note that that server is not intended for production, but I assume you are aware of that and that’s not related.

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