RAILS_MASTER_KEY environment variable not getting fetched

When trying to run fly deploy It is giving a error of rails encryption key is missing.

But I already have the secrets added to the app and it is mentioned below.

Can anyone please do let me know why dockerfile is not picking the secrets.

Build-time secrets are different from runtime secrets: Build-time secrets - #2 by fideloper-fly

See this for one solution: `fly deploy --remote-only` isn't reading Rails Credentials file from Github Actions, but works elsewhere - #3 by jsierles

Or, this for another: Secret docker build arguments - #5 by jsierles

@vigneshacker I had a problem where I tried to deploy an existing app to Fly.io. Upon first deployment, Fly creates a new RAILS_MASTER_KEY but this key is unable to decrypt anything, since my secrets were encrypted with an previously set key.

To manually set the one I previously set in my project, I had to run:

fly secrets set RAILS_MASTER_KEY=my-old-key

If that doesn’t do it, could you share logs?

Verify that your credentials are encoded using your current `config/master.key’ using:

bin/rails credentials:show

You can see what RAILS_MASTER_KEY is deployed using:

$ fly ssh console -C env | grep RAILS_MASTER_KEY

If this doesn’t match the value in config/master.key, run:

fly secrets set RAILS_MASTER_KEY=$(cat config/master.key)
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I have created an custom build-arg and added an

# Need to pass --build-arg to pass the RAILS_MASTER_KEY

Then, during the deploy. Went with below code

fly deploy --remote-only --build-arg RAILS_MASTER_KEY=$(cat config/credentials/production.key)


Careful using --build-arg for sensitive data though, --build-secret exists for a reason (which Fly does support too).

Worth mentioning that you almost definitely don’t need the real value available at build time. For rails docker builds, I typically just set this to a placeholder value to make rails happy, and then set it to a real value at runtime, via fly secrets set.

The dockerfile usually has a line like this:

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