Preview: persistent disks for Fly apps

This is mainly to keep things manageable for us. What kind of app are you working on where 1GB of persistent data would be helpful?

It’s not really possible. We’re planning to let you clone volumes at some point, so you could clone one to a different app.

It’s for hosting a replicated MariaDB database (with galera) for a test website in order to test the scalability.
I don’t need 10 GB of disk space because it’s just for testing and I would like to keep the cost as low as possible.
For example creating three volumes of 1 GB for my database would cost me only $0,45 but instead I’ve to pay $4.5 because the minimum size is 10 GB.

Well, it wasn’t clear for me that even the same app cannot share a single volume. But thanks for your answer anyway👍

Ah! We experimented with NFS mounts (vs just block devices) because you could share those between VMs. They cause surprising problems if you’re not expecting a shared device, though, so we opted for simpler and less surprising.

We’re going to try and make disks cheaper this year. The drives we’re using are relatively expensive and not ideal for tiny volumes.

If you’re interested in contributing database cluster examples we’d be happy to give you some service credits, as well. All we really need is a repository with step by step for deploying them in a README:

Hey there! Are you guys planning on adding the Volumes pricing schemes to your pricing web page? As a new member, it’s not clearly stated anywhere how much it costs to add a volume to your app.

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Yes! Should be there in a few minutes.