Postgres unavailable (context deadline exceeded)

I’m having an issue to use/connect postgres. My Phoenix application is unable to connect to it (printing the following message in loop):

When I try to run either flyctl postgres connect -a hits-db or fly postgres restart -a hits-db from the command line I have the following result:

Error can't get role for fdaa:0:5dda:a7b:2809:0:50d2:2: 500: context deadline exceeded

Running fly checks list -a hits-db returns a similar errror:

role | critical | 0881aeb0 | lhr | HTTP | 2022-12-05T14:13:07Z | failed to connect to local node: context deadline exceeded[✓]

Are there any other commands I could try to fix this issue?
Thank you.

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I am having this same problem.

Did you find a way to resolve it?

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