postgres connect fails with `can't get role...: 404 page not found`

I was connected to my db, then I ran flyctl update from 0.0.415 โ†’ v0.0.417.

Now when I try reconnect to my db:

$ flyctl postgres connect -a my-db

Error can't get role for <db ipv6 addr>: 404: 404 page not found

Hi scytale, thanks for reporting this! 0.0.416 introduced a bug connecting to older versions of the pg cluster. This is fixed in 0.0.419. Fallback to legacy pg role endpoint when modern one 404s by tvdfly ยท Pull Request #1410 ยท superfly/flyctl ยท GitHub

fly version update will get the 0.0.419 release.

Note that homebrew will likely not get 0.0.419 until tomorrow. To get the latest version with homebrew, use our superfly/tap:

brew uninstall flyctl
brew tap superfly/tap
brew install superfly/tap/flyctl

I can confirm that the new version of flyctl works.

We had a major update stuck on this so thanks for the quick resolution.

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