Past Due can't be cleared manually


There are 2 other issues of people experiencing this, but I just wanted to be concice:

A failed renewal results in “Payment is past due”.

While in this state deployments are unavailable, and it seems one of my sites is offline.

Updating billing does not automatically trigger a retry.

Crediting the account with enough to cover the due payment does not clear the status.

This can be a big problem, we should be able to at least credit and clear the status instantly, as in instances like mine I need a deployment to go through asap, but am unable

Just to update, the retry was eventually triggered (Can’t see the actual timeframe), which I assume was based on the normal retry period, and unrelated to having updated the billing information?

Still want to keep this as an issue, creditting the account should immediately clear any blocks, and updating billing should automatically trigger a retry.

Have the same issue. Had to switch credit card due to blocking the old one and the new is yet to be swiped (changed ~24h ago). I added account credits but are still stuck to do new deployments :frowning:

$ flyctl deploy
Error Your account has overdue invoices. Please update your payment information:

Hey folks, sorry to hear you got blocked on this matter. We just shipped a new feature that will make this process a little bit easier to handle on the future:

Hello! If @lubien’s feature doesn’t get you unstuck, please email us for billing help:

We just created this support mailbox, you didn’t miss anything before. Billing issues aren’t something we should be directing to a community forum. :slight_smile: